We the certified bed bug pest exterminators here at Bed Bugs NYC Specialize in Bed Bug Pest Control Extermination in all five boroughs of New York City. Solving the Bed Bug menace is what we do best!

BedBug Pest Control NYC utilizes the most cutting edge, thorough and preventative measures providing the best in long term specialized bed bug pest extermination. Our Bed Bug services encompass a wide range of focused and effective solutions, so that our clients can sleep soundly at night without fear of being eaten alive by bed bugs. TO ensure there is not a repeat in a bed bug infestation, We provide monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly and yearly maintenance programs to fullfil our goal of long term bed bug pest extermination.


We are proud to provide Bed Bugs Pest Control for all 5 boroughs of New York City including: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. Our Bed Bug Pest Exterminators and Bed Bug field technicians are certified specialists, experienced and well trained in commercial and residential bedbug treatment. Our total commitment to ongoing bed bug training allows us to offer each of our clients the latest in cutting edge solutions including bed bug education and new effective methods of bed bug treatment. Bedbugs NYC also offers green and environmentally safe bed bug pest control, for people who do not want their homes to be sprayed with pesticides.


Our prime directive and purpose of being is to provide each of our clients with a truly customized program integrating the most effective and proven results oriented Bed Bug Pest Management solutions. We understand that bed bug infestations are a very emotionally and psychologically draining, we want our clients to know that we feel their pain and having dealt with thousands of people who have experienced the bed bug epidemic, we know and understand how stressful it can be and we promise to go above and beyond for you to make sure you can rest safely, securely and soundly at night. We provide bed bug extermination as if we were providing it for a member of our own family, that is our level of commitment to you.


Bed Bugs Pest Control NYC is committed to serving you, please call us now to speak with a Bed Bug specialist.

The Lifecycle Of A Bed Bug

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bedbug nyc pest service exterminator icon Bedbugs NYC is a full-service one stop fully Integrated BedBug Pest control exterminator Management firm serving the needs of our customers for over 25 years.

Our promise is to provide each of our customers with the kind of service that reflects an above and beyond philosophy, we want all of our clients to feel like they got more than excellent value for their money and are so happy with the results they would recommend us to other people who also experience a bed bug infestation. We will customize a fully integrated Bed Bug Pest control exterminator Management solution for your specific needs. We recognize and understand that our clients expect the best of the best in Bed Bug treatment and that their bed bug infestation must be solved with the highest standards and expect long term results, please ask about our maintenance program!

Our bed bug pest control exterminator quality control program is monitored by our certified bed bug pest control manager.

Bedbug Solutions Identifying the problem and getting it solved immediately is at the core of keeping a bed bug infestation under control


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