Commercial Businesses Served

We provide Commercial Extermination Services for Businesses:


  • Commercial Offices
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Hotels Large or Small
  • Health Care / Hospitals / Clinics
  • Government
  • Buildings of All Sizes
  • Bars / Restaurants / Music
  • Retail Businesses
  • All Facilities Large or Small


After a complete and thorough bed bug inspection, we will create a customized and carefully designed Pest control extermination Management Program that specifically fits your personal requirements. When you contact us at Bed Bugs NYC, you'll be working with the Best of the best, a team of certified well trained and educated commercial pest control extermination management technicians who will provide you with the best education recommendations.

Bed Bugs Pest Control Exterminator NYC also realizes you're a commercial business & we will go above and beyond to work with you on a commercial level to work with your schedule and on your time we will come see you in person. We also provide commercial pest control monthly maintenance programs, so that your pest control needs are served on an ongoing and long term basis. We are proud to say our maintenance programs are the best of the best.



Best Practices and Quality Control

Bed Bugs NYC provides Best Practices in our Quality Control Analysis to ensure our bed bug treatments are always the most dynamic and cutting edge. Bed Bug Pest Control NYC keeps a close tab on your commercial business by our highly trained certified technicians who will adjust their commercial pest control services based on the evolution of your pest problems. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for pests.



Hotels, Buildings and all Commercial Businesses

NYC Hotels and Apt Buildings come in all sizes and shapes from Large to small to botique encompassing buildings which are new, old and inbetween, the structure, architecture and design of buildings varies dramatically, when we provide bed bug extermination for a building, we make sure we get those spots no one would think of, we get inside the walls if necessary, the outlets, and all the little nooks, crannies, cracks and crevices - all the areas most other pest control companies might miss. We go into the structure, and into the places bed bugs thrive.