Our Residential Bed Bug Pest Control Services include:

Bed Bug Treatment Solutions of all current Bed Bug infestations with Bed Bug preventive measures and treatments to shield your residence from further outbreak, be sure to ask about our bed bug maintenance programs. We provide a broad range of extensive residential extermination programs to fit your own personal needs. Often one time treatments are not enough to keep the bed bug menace in check, so we recommend a maintenance program and education, which includes checking daily, weekly for signs of bed bugs. Look for dark blood stains on your sheets, take your bedding off and look in the rim and tufts of bed for tell tale signs including black spots or the little critters themselves, remove individual draws from the drawer and turn them upside down, remove art and look behind it and especially check curtains and clothing. Luggage is another place bed bugs love to hide in, so be aware of this fact. Keep your sleeping areas free of clutter, vacuum often and turn all furniture upside often and inspect for tell tale signs of bed bugs

We know how essential it is to get a good deep sleep at night and want you to do so without fear of having these blood sucking pests terrorizing your life. We will thoroughly inspect your residence, especially in areas where you sleep and we also offer you bed education, specific tips and advice about how to keep your pest control problems to a minimum. We start by performing a single initial treatment to eradicate the bed bugs from your residence, we also provide treatments for other kinds of pests as well, and then we will design a long term bed bug or pest maintenance program based on your own needs and budget.

We have over 1,000 happy and satisfied customers on a monthly maintenance program - the maintenance program is the best bang for the buck!



Pest Control Education, Training and Bed Bug Preventative Steps happy bed bug free homes

We make it the core of our bed bug program to educate you in numerous ways to keep all kinds of pests from invading and taking over your residence, including:

Keeping them out for good!

  • Start with an obsessive compulsive search of all cracks and crevices, including the base boards. Make sure all cracks, nooks, crannies and crevices where all kinds of pests take up residence are sprayed and then sealed. Electrical outlets, be sure to put safety covers on outlets not used. Put double sided carpet tape hidden around and underneith furniture where it can not be seen, this is a great way to catch pest or bed bugs and know if you still have a problem.
  • Get rid of all that clutter, quit being a pack rat, pests love pack rats, because it provides all sorts of nooks and crannies to hide inside. If you are going to keep boxes, clutter and other things, atleast put them in garbage bags and keep them sealed. No need to create a luxury resort for your bed bugs

Starve them Out

  • Bed Bugs Drink blood, so keep them out of your bed. Once you rid them from your bed, put double sided electrical tape around the legs of the beds. Don't forget to get white sheets, they are easier to detect bed bugs and blood stains. Hot wash those sheets weekly. And keep your bed, box spring in plastic covers. Another approach is to take bowls, fill them with bed bug powder and put the legs of your bed in the bowls.
  • Keep clothes and luggage you arent using wrapped and sealed in garbage bags.
  • If you have a pet, provide a pet bed off the ground, and make sure the bed bugs cant get to your pet, if bed bugs cant get to you, they will go after your pets, so when you put your pet to bed at night, make sure they are in a bed bug proofed pet bed.
  • If you live in an apt building have a bed bug infestation do the right thing and warn your neighbors, although you might feel you are showing weakness in doing so, informing other people brings the awareness to others so they can check and if they have them eradicate them. Bed bugs are clever and will move if you "kick them out", so the best results are when everyone is aware of the problem and addresses them collectively

Keep Bed Bugs Out!

The best way to keep the pests out is to not just spray inside, but also outside. Long term keep those bed bugs out for good with a monthly maintenance plan as pesticides tend to disipate after a while. Bed bugs also are mutators, they evolve and become resistant to some chemicals so we rotate our chemicals and use the latest in ever evolving green products available.


Interior Bed Bug Pest Treatment Protocols

The Interior areas of your home are inspected thoroughly by our certified bed bug specialists and then we provide treatment based on the type and level of bed bug infestation. Using a dynamic approach, incorporating a wide and diverse range of treatment against bed bugs works best and gets the best results.


After our bed bug specialists carefully inspecting your home, we will educate you on household behaviors that will reduce the risk of future infestation. In addition, our specialists offer bed bug treatments which may include some of the following solutions:

  • Specific Spot treatment - we treat areas which are high probability for bed bugs to hide, which is furniture, art, the bed itself including the mattress, box spring, head board, base boards, cabinets, and any other nooks, crannies, cracks and so forth.
  • Reproduction Regulators - are chemicals and hormones which are designed to only disrupt bed bug reproduction work best in stopping the reproductive explosion of bed bugs.


Bed Bug Inspection

After a riggorous thorough inspection to determine the level of infestation, we'll create a customized effective and specific program to keep your residence bed bug free, we will visit your place of work or residence at a time that is convenient and timely for you.



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Ongoing Long Term Bed Bug Maintenance

In our opinion the best and only solution to bed bugs is long term vigilence, bed bugs evolve and mutate, they become stronger and more resistant every generation. We offer the best in monthly, quarterly, bi yearly bed bug maintenance so you can avoid further bed bug outbreaks. Resistant Bed bugs can go upto a year without feeding, so its important you think atleast a year in advanced concerning your bed bug problem.


Certified Bed Bug Personel

Our certified Bed Bugs pest control exterminator technicians get the latest and greatest in up to date bed bug training. This bed bug educational training is ongoing to make sure our bed bug technicians are the best of their breed in NEW YORK CITY. We are proud that our technicians are the most knowledgeable and thorough.